Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Views of Los Angeles.

Found a Seductive post on LA through Dynamist on Thursday.

Everything there somehow precedes you, even new construction sites, and it's bigger than you and more abstract than you and indifferent to you. You don't matter. You're free.
Read the whole thing. I sent this to a friend, suggesting that it made me want to visit LA. Her reaction was interesting.

Really? I thought it was a cute piece, but I have to say I disagree. Yes -- eating your cheetos and watching a soap opera marathon on the TiVo is oh so glorious -- but the truth is this town judges you constantly -- in every possible way. The guy was right when he calls LA the void and the apocalypse. It is certainly those things. But I don't find anything to celebrate in that. It is existentialism solidified. If nothing matters then life is worthless, and I'd rather not go through life in hopelessness. To Apathy I say "meh..". The reason people just do whatever the fuck they want in southern california is because they don't give a fuck about anyone or anything else. That's a bad thing.

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