Saturday, October 13, 2007

Damn Lies and Statistics.

The most hilarious item in this week's Economist is, as is frequently the case, an advertisement, found on page 77. It was taken out by the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, which is apparently a group dedicated to exposing the evils of psychiatry. I'm more sympathetic to this sort of thing than the average pill-popping denizen of the 2nd 20th of the 21st Century, but the statistics here are ludicrous.

"Every 10 Days a mental health practitioner is jailed for fraud, rape or murder" My god that's over 36 a year!!!!!

"The Number of mental health practitioners jailed in the United States in the past five years is more than double the number of Colombian drug cartel members recently imprisoned"

And my favorite. "A review of 800 convictions of mental health practitioners internationally found that 43% of the convictions were for fraud... 32% for sex crimes, 7% for patient assault, 6% for drug offenses, and 6% for Murder." Signifying what exactly? Were the other 6% of convictions for jaywalking?

These statistics wouldn't convince a 3rd grader. Whoever writes their copy should be canned forthwith.

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