Thursday, October 18, 2007


The guy in this video is clearly meant to be a Thriller-era Michael Jackson.


Damir said...

You a Trans Am fan, Rob? They're a great (formerly) DC band. Seen 'em countless times. A sight to behold.

Robbo said...

Just have their most recent album, which I am enjoying thoroughly. Anything in particular in their back catalog you would recommend?

Damir said...

Oh yeah. The previous album, Liberation, is awesome.

Of the old stuff, the first handful are priceless:
Trans Am (self-titled), Surrender To The Night, Futureworld, The Surveillance, Redline... All great.

They went off the rails briefly with one or two albums thereafter, but they're firmly back on track now.

I'll burn you some stuff.

Robbo said...

Much Obliged.